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Vancouverbeerblog.com North Coast Brewing Long Table Review

Posted on: December 2nd, 2011 by camilla No Comments


When we venture off to try something new for the first time, or something we’re not familiar with, it’s always great to have a friend with you.  So if you’re going to try some bold flavoured beers for the first time, there’s no better friend to try it with than food.  A great food pairing will not only help you take on some of the boldest beers, but it’ll really help you understand the flavours and magic of craft beer.  Also, pairing food and beer is something your veteran beer nerds enjoy as well.  So not only is it a great way to introduce people to different, or bold beers, it’s simply a match made in heaven when done right.  Well, on the corner of 2road and Blundell in Richmond, there is a special food and beer-pairing going on every month.  It’s converting Molson and Budweiser drinkers into craft beer enthusiasts… Read more here